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2007 SPR Cup

Second Annual Society for Prevention Research Sloboda and Bukoski SPR Cup

Significant advances in prevention science are often due to a team of individuals working closely together across many years. In recognition of the importance of the collaborative process to the field, the Society for Prevention Research (SPR) once again will sponsor a friendly competition amongst teams of researchers for honor of bringing home the traveling Sloboda and Bukoski SPR Cup for the 2007-2008 academic year.

The Cup is named in honor of two of the founders and long time active members of SPR, Dr. Zili Sloboda and Dr. William Bukoski. The Cup competition is an opportunity for an unique experience: several independent teams of scientists, each working with the same data set, problem solve together for a brief period of time and then jointly present their ideas to each other and a larger group of experienced prevention scientists.

2007 Teams

PreventionGeeks, Leslie Clinkenbeard, DrPH, MPH, Team Captain; Andrea LaFazia, MSW, MPH; Rosina Everitte, MPH

Standard Deviations; Jason T. Siegel, Ph.D., Team Captain; Vanessa Hemovich, M.A., Andrew Lac, M.A., M.P.A., Neil M. Patel, M.A. and Sarah Ting M.A.

Team Violence Prevention; Kathy Modecki, M.A., Team Captain; Eva Kimonis, Ph.D.; Clay Cook, M.A.; Elizabeth Trejos, Ph.D.; Betsy Feldman, M. A.


SPR Cup teams will receive a data set via email two months prior to the annual meeting. Each team then will conduct a literature review, generate hypotheses, conduct analyses, and prepare a presentation for a 10-minute symposium talk on their results.

Teams will present their results during an invited symposium at the SPR annual meeting. A panel of senior prevention scientist judges and the audience at the symposium will rate the quality of the research work and of the presentation.

The highest scoring team will be recognized and awarded the SPR Cup during the SPR Awards Ceremony. The defending champion from the inaugural year of the Cup is the Sun Devil Scholars from the Prevention Research Center at Arizona State University.

Eligible Participants

Eligible participants for teams are individuals who are either (1) currently enrolled in a masters or doctoral training program, or (2) have received their terminal graduate degree within the last 5 years and have not yet been a principal investigator on research grant from a federal agency or private foundation.

Data Set

A public data set relevant to prevention science will be used. Last year, the data set was from the Monitoring the Future project from the University of Michigan.


An experienced SPR Cup prevention science mentor will be assigned to advise each team and will be available for consultation via phone or email on an as needed basis. Teams may access other mentors as desired. All mentors must be acknowledged during the presentation.


All participating teams will be encouraged to refine their analyses after the meeting and to generate publishable products. The highest scoring team may be invited to submit a manuscript to be considered for publication in SPR’s flagship journal Prevention Science.

Further Information

Questions about the Cup are welcome. Please contact:

J. Mark Eddy, Ph.D., and Charles R. Martinez, Jr., Ph.D.
Co-Chairs, 2007 Sloboda and Bukoski SPR Cup

marke@oslc.org and charlesm@oslc.org
(541) 485-2711