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ePoster Forum Presentation Instructions

Society for Prevention Research
23rd Annual Meeting
Organized Poster Forum Presentation Instructions

NEW for 2015: e-POSTERS for organized poster forums only.

The Poster Forums (organized poster forum) provide for multiple, 4 to 8 (maximum), poster research presentations to be made on related themes and topics.

Poster Number

When you arrive on-site please check the printed program to confirm the schedule of your presentation time block and the room assignment. Refer to the author index to check your presentation(s). Numbered signs will be on each e-Poster monitor. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the starting time so that you can load your poster. A technician will be available to provide assistance. Presenters and the audience are expected to be present for the entire 90 minute session.

e-Poster Forum Format

(1)   All ePoster presenters are requested to use one of the SPR’s ePoster templates: PowerPoint (PC) or Keynote (Mac).

(2)   All ePoster presentations must be loaded onto a flash/thumb drive (NOT laptops or Cloud) and brought onsite for uploading process.

If you have any questions about how to use the ePoster presentation templates, please contact Operations Supervisor, Christopher Chisholm, at christopher.chisholm@eposterboards.com.

Guidelines for Developing your ePoster Presentation(s)

Conflict of Interest Statement

When applicable all presenters should include his/her conflict of interest disclosure statement in his/her poster presentation.

Hand-out Materials

Add a QR tag with your abstract or other information on your poster and attendees can get your information with their smart phones.