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Member Name and Employer:
First Name:
Last Name:
Employer, Institution, Organization:
Research Populations:
Infants Young Children
Elementary Adolescents
Adult Elderly
Intervention Targets/Units:
Individuals Couples
Families Classroom
Peer Group Community Group
Entire Community State
Intervention By Ethnicity:
Black Hispanic
AmerInd Asian
White Other
Research Content:
Maternal Health Infant/Child Health
Mental Health Family Violence
Delinquency Academic Achievement
Alcohol Drugs
Tobacco HIV/AIDS
Other Infectious Disease Pregnancy
Unemployment Occupational Safety
Unintended Injury Poverty
Crime Cardiovascular Disease
Gender Differences Other Chronic and Disabling Condition
Cancer Obesity
Other Health Social Emotional Development
Cognitive Development Youth Violence
Physical Development Culture/Ethnicity
Research Foci:
Epidemiology Developmental Psychopathology
Neuroscience Genetics
Other Biological Etioloy
Other Methodology Meta-Analysis
Preventive Efficacy Prevention Effectiveness
Dissemination Large Scale Implementation
Areas of Special Interest:
Community Mobilization Advocacy
Infrastructure International
Commercial Training

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