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SPR Diversity Network Committee

SPR Diversity Network Committee
The Diversity Network Committee (DNC) of the Society for Prevention Research was formed to: advocate, support, and promote diversity initiatives within SPR on behalf of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, and encourage the conduct of prevention research and the design of culturally-relevant interventions that address the various needs of racially and ethnically diverse populations. As part of this mission, the DNC is committed to creating and enhancing networking opportunities for members of SPR, to facilitate the conduct of high quality prevention science with racially and ethnically diverse populations. In addition, the DNC supports research and interventions that are attentive to a broad range of diversity issues. SPR’s commitment and support of diversity issues, as now implemented by the DNC, underscores the importance of diversity in the forms of gender, ethnicity, training, research content and foci, career level, and occupational type, as this diversity enhances the development and conduct of research, service delivery, and social policies that advance prevention science.

The foundation for the DNC was the Diversity Network Reception that was initiated in 2006 by Felipe Gonzalez Castro, chair of the 2006 Annual Meeting. The Diversity Network Reception, now in its 4th year, has become a highlight of the annual meeting. In 2009, the SPR Board of Directors recommended to the membership of the Society that the bylaws of the organization be revised to include the DNC as a standing committee. The membership approved the bylaw revisions in May 2009. The DNC is now a standing committee of SPR, and the chair is an ex-officio member of the SPR Board of Directors.

Current Objectives
• To develop methods for recruiting and retaining members representing racial and ethnic diversity, and interested in research with diverse populations
• To provide a forum for discussion of diversity issues and research, and to support and encourage research on diversity issues, with diverse populations, and for reducing disparities
• To identify best practices for adapting empirically-based prevention programs to be appropriate for settings that are diverse in resources, priorities, and concerns
• To increase membership and leadership diversity with regard to race and ethnicity, career level and age, categories of research content and foci, and occupational types

Membership in the DNC is open to anyone interested in the DNC’s mission. However, all members are encouraged to become members of SPR and only DNC members who also are SPR members may participate in DNC elections. If you are interested in joining the DNC, e-mail the chair Sharon Lambert at

DNC Organization
The DNC Steering Committee is comprised of volunteers who develop and oversee DNC programming and activities, as well as coordinate membership, training, and communications. A member of the DNC Steering Committee chairs the Minority Scholarship Committee which reviews and selects awardees of the annual Minority Scholarship. The Annual Minority Scholarship Dance, started in 2002, helps to support the scholarships.

The Diversity Network Reception has been the primary activity sponsored by the DNC. As a standing committee of the SPR, the DNC will sponsor other activities and events related to diversity issues to serve DNC members and the larger SPR membership. Please contact us at to share your ideas and suggestions for programming at the SPR conference or throughout the year.


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