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DNC Speaker Series

Advances in Prevention Science, Diversity, and Inclusion

The aims of the DNC presentation series are to highlight research on prevention science and public health that is led by researchers from underrepresented groups and primarily conduct research with groups that are understudied (e.g., racial/ethnic minorities, individuals who identify as a sexual minority, individuals with disabilities). The presentation series will also aim to create a forum for the guest speaker(s) to share career/professional reflections as a researcher from an underrepresented group(s) and to promote discussions of diversity and inclusion in professions related to prevention science and public health.

During 2021, four presentations shall be organized that recognize and celebrate four cultural groups and correspond with the following dates:
• Black History Month (February) learn more
• LGBTQA Pride Month (June) learn more
• Hispanic Heritage Month (October 13) learn more
• Native American Heritage Month (November 23) learn more

Questions: Jennifer Lewis, SPR Executive Director, jenniferlewis@preventionresearch.org