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2004 ECPN Symposium: Publishing as an Early Career Scientist - Strategies and Tips for Success

Instructions for Joining the ECPN Listserve

Guidelines for Posting to ECPN Listserve

ECPN is a wonderful opportunity to network with other prevention scientists, so we welcome your participation and contributions.

The Early Career Preventionists Network (ECPN) is a web-based organization that seeks to link individuals who are interested in prevention science and to foster the development of early career preventionists.

Membership Requirements
Membership into ECPN requires no dues or obligations other than your contribution to the field of prevention science. Through its listserver and website, ECPN members have access to prevention-related employment opportunities, topical interest groups, and information exchanges. email posting where they are encouraged to comments, ideas.

Network Organization
The organizational structure of ECPN consists of a Chair who is elected by the joint members of ECPN and SPR and who serves a two-year term. The Chair-elect is also elected by the joint members of ECPN and SPR and serves on the Steering Committee with the Chair for two years before assuming the role of Chair. In addition, the organization has a Steering Committee consisting of a Membership Chair, a Training Chair, A Public Relations/Web Site Chair, and an Awards/Operating Rules Chair. These are appointed positions. Each committee chair has a group of ECPN volunteers working with them.

Organizational Affiliation
ECPN is an official standing committee of the Society for Prevention Research (SPR), and conducts much of its administrative business during SPR’s Annual Meeting, where it sponsors a variety of activities, such as ECPN Luncheon and special symposium. Given this affiliation, ECPN members are encouraged to also become members of SPR. The ECPN Chair is an official voting member of the SPR board. Therefore, only joint members of ECPN and SPR are able to participate in ECPN elections.

ECPN Listserve
From the time when it was established in 1994, one of the most important contributions of the Early Career Preventionist Network was to provide an interactive listserve for members to communicate and exchange important information. Members of the listserve post information about upcoming conferences, employment and training opportunities. In addition, individuals often posted questions and the membership, which is made up of early career, mid-level and senior scientists, would reply. Sometimes only a few people provided responses but on a few occasions many people would become involved and the exchange of ideas would continue for several days resulting in a very interesting web-based conversation.

ECPN is now a formal standing committee of SPR and most individuals belong to both organizations. Much of the general information regarding conferences, employment and training opportunities that would have been posted on the ECPN listserve is now included in the member only SPR E-Bulletin. The Steering Committee of ECPN is concerned that an important benefit of the ECPN listserve is being underutilized. It is providing this reminder to members in order to re-energize this function.

Listserves are useful tools but they can also become burdensome and frustrating to their members if they are used carelessly.

Guidelines for Posting to ECPN Listserve

A. Appropriate Topics

The following are examples of appropriate topics, not an exhaustive list.

Employment Opportunities
Conferences and Training Opportunities
Special issues of journals
New books or reports on prevention
Potential Collaborators
Conference submissions
Research projects
General Questions about Prevention Research

B. General Guidelines for Posting

1. Remember that this message is being sent to several hundred people. Make sure that the information or the question is appropriate for the entire membership.

2. If an exchange becomes more personal or specific then continue it using regular email.

3. Only use the reply function in your email if you want the entire listserve to read your response.

C. Procedure for Posting

1. Send your email message to

2. If your positing is only informational consider also posting it in the SPR E-Bulletin by sending it to Jennifer Lewis at

Instructions for Joining the ECPN Listserve

To subscribe to the list, go to and follow instructions.

To have your approval process completed, please copy & paste your responses to the "ECPN Listserve Core Database Information Form" into your email to Ty Ridenour, ECPN Chair (, and cc SPR Staff (

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