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The Sloboda and Bukoski SPR Cup Competition

Past Teams and Winners

2017 Teams

*#PhDPending, University of Georgia, Megan Hicks (captain), Jenee’ Duncan, Erinn Duprey

WUSM Psychiatric and Public Health, Washington University, Mark Mueller (captain), Allison Mackay, Hanadi Ajam Oughli, Michael Yingling

Seize the Data, University of Minnesota, Calvary Diggs (captain), Alaa Houri, Madeline Larson, Alyssa Schardt, Jordan Thayer

Bae Area, Prevention Research Center and UC Berkeley, Rebecca Yau (captain), Elinam   Dellor, Laura Finan

Data in the Desert, Arizona State University REACH Institute, Jenna Ruso-Stern                    (captain), Holly O’Rourke, Daisy E. Camacho-Thompson, Ashley Ebbert


Community Tracking Study Series from ICPSR, with a focus on the 2 waves of the “Health Tracking Household Survey” datasets. Information on the study, run by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and links to datasets are here: http://www.icpsr.umich.edu/icpsrweb/ICPSR/series/161

2016 Teams

Stempel Stompers, Florida International University, Shanna L. Burke (captain), Miguel Angel Canos, Nicole Fava, Tan Li, Christine Spadola (mentor: Eric Wagner)

*Team Peppy, Kent State University & Northwestern University, Liz Baker (captain), Haylee DeLuca, Logan Stigall, Karly Cochran (primary mentor: Manfred van Dulmen, prevention science mentor: C. Hendricks Brown)

Antalytics, University of California, Irvine, Robert Duncan (captain), Drew Bailey, Jade Jenkins, Tyler Watts, Paul Hanselman (mentor: Greg Duncan)

Devils are Back, REACH Institute at Arizona State University, Jessy Minney (captain), Danielle Pandika, Katie Panza, Will Pelham, Ryan Stoll (primary mentors: Nancy Gonzales and Armando Pina)

The Residuals, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Gabriel “Joey” Merrin (captain), Jordan Davis, Tyler Hatchel, Ashleigh Jones, Lisa De La Rue (primary mentor: Dorothy L. Espelage)

The Outliers, Clemson University, Ryan J. Gagnon (captain), Zeynep Pala Gedikoglu, Garrett A. Stone, Li-Hsin Chen, Kellie Walters (primary mentor: Dewayne Moore)


Fragile Families & Child Wellbeing Study – Waves 1–5 (Dataset “DS9”), from the ICPSR (PI, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn; Irwin Garfinkel, Sara S. McLanahan, and Christina Paxson)

2015 Teams

*Gopher Gold, University of Minnesota. Christina Mondi (captain), Brandon Almy,             Colleen Doyle, Nathan Wright, Anne Zhou

May the P-Value Be Ever In Your Favor, The Pennsylvania State University. Melissa Boone Brown (captain), Jacinda Li, Amanda Griffin


WHO Study on Global Aging and Adult Health – Mexico Longitudinal Study (SAGE; PI, Paul Kowal)

2014 Teams

*Gopher Prevention Squad, University of Minnesota. Jennifer Doty (captain), Laurel            Davis, Dylan Galos, Diego Garcia-Huidobro, Jessie Rudi

The Rain City Researchers, University of Washington. Bo Kyung Elizabeth Kim (captain), Amanda Gilman, Kari Gloppen, Allison Kristman-Valente

Hoos Analyzing W.H.O., University of Virginia. Katherine Ross (captain), Dan Martin, Saida Hussain, Dustin Sarver, Amir Francois


WHO Study on Global Aging and Adult Health – Wave 1 (SAGE) (PI, Paul Kowal)

*Denotes winner

ECPN Sessions at past SPR annual meetings

2018 sessions

ECPN Luncheon: Critical Dialogue Skills to Address Microaggressions in Prevention Science

ECPN Session I: Building Community Partnerships for Research and Intervention

ECPN Session II: Crafting and Implementing High-Quality Pilot or Small Scale Studies

2017 sessions

ECPN Luncheon: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Strategies for Early Career Professionals

ECPN Session I: Developing a Logic Model in Prevention Research: An Interactive Session

ECPN Session II: How Do You Use Social Media in Prevention Research

2016 sessions

ECPN Luncheon: Alternatives to Academia: Training and Career Opportunities for Early-Career Preventionists

ECPN Session I: Interdisciplinary Approaches: Opportunities and Challenges from Members of Multidisciplinary, Interdisciplinary, and Transdisciplinary Programs

ECPN Session II: Next Generation Standards of Evidence in Prevention Science

2015 sessions

ECPN Luncheon: The Science and Art of Negotiation

ECPN Session I: Effective Knowledge Transfer and Translation Strategies for Early Career Prevention Scientists

ECPN Session II: Alternative Funding Mechanisms under the Affordable Care Act

2014 sessions

ECPN Luncheon: How to Review Articles

ECPN Session I: Setting and Achieving Goals throughout Your Early Career Trajectory

ECPN Session II: How to be a Good Mentor

ECPN poster contest winners and honorable mentions

2017 contest

Top-three winners

Elizabeth Lanzillo, National Institute of Mental Health

Identifying Suicide Risk on Pediatric Inpatient Medical Units: Is Depression Screening Good Enough?

Elizabeth Nesoff, Johns Hopkins U.

The Neighborhood Alcohol Environment & Injury: a Spatial Analysis of Pedestrian Injury in Baltimore City

Robert Marx, Vanderbilt U.

Gay-Straight Alliances As Prevention Programs: A Meta Analysis of the Evidence

Honorable mentions

Emily LoBraico, Pennsylvania State U.

Examining Component Specific Dosage Effects on Substance Use Outcomes in the Strengthening Families Program 1014

Tyson Barrett, Utah State U.

Enhancing the Exploration and Communication of Big Data in Prevention Science

Kelly O’Connor, Virginia Commonwealth U.

Perceptions of School Climate Among Subgroups of Aggressive and Victimized Youth: A Latent Class Analysis

2016 contest

Top-three winners

Jaih Craddock, U. of Southern California

Social Network-Based Interventions for Homeless Youth: Are They Feasible?

Christopher Warren, U.of Southern California

Prospective Associations Between Executive Function and Obesogenic Behavioral Trajectories from 4th through 6th Grade

Marie Claire Vaillancourt , Université du Québec à Montréal

The Influence of the Perceived School Climate on Adolescents’ Academic Achievement: Testing the Mediating Role of Intrinsic School Motivation

Honorable mentions

Amber Anthenien, Colorado State U.

Adolescents’ Positive Subjective Evaluations of Drinking Mediate the Relationship Between Social Self-Control and Alcohol Use

Rhea Marshall-Denton, Université du Québec à Montréal

Parental Monitoring and Young Adolescent Susceptibility to Peer Group Social Norms

Katherine Paschall, U. of Arizona

Using Latent Transition Analysis to Test Bidirectional Effects Between Parenting and Children’s Emotion Regulation

2015 contest

Top-three winners

Christopher Cambron , U. of Washington

Testing Social Development and Behavioral Mediators of Executive Function Related Skills and Academic Attainment

Allison Frost, State U. of New York

Early Obesity Risk Neglected Children: Attachment Security As a Protective Factor

Emily Hennessy, Vanderbilt U.

Do Brief Alcohol Intervention Also Reduce Tobacco Use Among Youth: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Honorable mentions

Luciana Assini, U. of Maryland at College Park

Long-Term Consequences of Adolescent Births Among African American Urban Youth

Amanda Chiapa, Arizona State U.

The Trajectory of Fidelity in a Multiyear Trial of the Family Check-Up Predicts Change in Child Problem Behavior

Erin Mathis, Pennsylvania State U.

The Role of Maternal Depression in the Negative Developmental Cascade Associated with Child Aggression: Bidirectional Influences

2014 contest

Top-three winners

Yu Liu, Arizona State U.

Testing Measurement Invariance in Longitudinal Data Using Ordinal Indicators

Brandon McDaniel, Pennsylvania State U.

Unintended Intervention Effects: Family Foundations Reduces the Influence of Maternal Depression on Infant Sleep

Vanessa Fuentes, Virginia Commonwealth U.

How Does Culture Affect Latino College Students’ Mental Health?

Honorable mentions

Angela Lee-Winn, Johns Hopkins U.

Gender Differences in Binge Eating in the General U.S. Adolescent Population

  1. Emily Hendrick, U. of Texas at Austin

The Role of Pubertal Development, Geography, and the Family in Predicting Women’s Educational Attainment at Ages 25 And 40

Angelica De Jesus, Virginia Commonwealth U.

Do Body Image Problems and Parental Weight Comments Predict Latino/a Young Adults’ Depressive Symptoms?

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