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SPR Communications Plan 2019

  1. Increase presence on social media
  • #ThisisPreventionScience Campaign
    • The #ThisisPreventionScience campaign will go through out 2019 to increase the presence and branding of Prevention Science. These posts will focus on example of prevention science such as articles, grants, workshops, advocacy, research project examples, hypotheses, careers, programs, outcomes, related award, conference talks outside of SPR.
  • Twitter Chats
    • SPR will sponsor several Twitter Chats using the hashtags #PreventionScienceChat #ThisisPreventionScience to promote discussions of prevention discuss topics
  • Other Social Media Content
    • Highlighting work, recent grants received, interesting pilot, other related prevention science content, presentations at other conference of our membership
  • Start Instagram Page
    • We’re moving into Instagram! Send us your prevention science related images.
  1. Reach out to Prevention Science Programs
    • Work with prevention science programs to promote content on social media
  1. Update SPR webpage to include member news page
    • Highlight members and their prevention science work